Bring your business up-to-date with the next generation
of communications connecting technology.

With a higher bandwidth capacity that can transmit Digital TV, Broadband Internet and Telephone with ease, the future of communications technology can be found in fibre optics. The cables are less susceptible to lightning and electrical storms compared to traditional copper wires, making them more robust when the weather changes.

The most significant advantage of fibre optic networks is that their speeds are symmetrical, meaning that upload and download speeds are the same. This saves precious time during the business day and is crucial for the use of cloud services, uploading large files or video conferencing. A fibre-optic network allows business enough bandwidth so they can support remote operations.

Finally, a fibre optic cable is tough to hack. It is uncommon, but it is more than possible to tap into a copper or coax line to steal internet service and valuable business data going in or out from your network. On the other hand, a fibre optics network can’t be tapped this way, because the cable would have to be cut, causing the network to shut down.

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